Pool of experts

Part of requirement 4C1, which only applies to large organizations, is that the organization at management level conducts a dialogue with an NGO or expert at least twice a year about the ambition of the CO2 reduction target and the strategy of the organization and its projects. The purpose of the critical dialogue is to assess whether the theme actually has priority within the management of the organization and to make suggestions for improvement and picking up new topics.


To facilitate this dialogue, SKAO establishes a pool of experts from which organizations can choose an expert if desired. However, it is also possible for a company to nominate an expert for this pool to SKAO. See the procedure and criteria for this (Dutch only).

Inspiration list (Dutch only): This document is an Inspiration list for the Experts or NGOs for conducting a dialogue with large organizations (CO2 Performance Ladder requirement 4C1). This document is not normative and can be used as inspiration for the dialogue. An expert cannot therefore oblige organizations to provide certain documents or the like.

In the context of uniformity, SKAO assumes a rate per call of a maximum of € 600, based on half a day's work. For the specific text about the dialogue, we refer to Handbook 3.1 (Dutch only, requirement 4.C.1 from page 77).

Pool van deskundigen